Puppetry Arts Centre

The CAMa - Puppetry Arts Centre is home to the company and a centre for project development, where the Funicular Project, a programme of training composed by international workshops gathering several different artistic disciplines, allowing the encounter of puppetry with other arts, is also integrated.

During these 25 years of activity, A Tarumba has gathered in CAMa, an important artistic collection. This collection is composed by the company’s puppets, “historic” puppets, toy theatres (originals from the 19th century and early 20th century) books about theatre, specially puppet theatre, photos, brochures and others.

The documentation centre, specialised in the field of puppet theatre, possesses monographs, reference works, journals, iconographic material, audiovisual and multimedia material, such as films, documentaries, music, among others. The centre is available to everyone who needs to consult information on this area. You can consult here our bibliographic database and visit us through previous appointment by phone: +351 212 427 621 or by e-mail: