Colette Sadler (United Kingdom)





17 May at 10.30am (Fri)

Session for Schools


18 May at 4.30pm (Sat)
19 May at 11.30am and 4.30 (Sun)
Sessions for Families


Portuguese Premiere


Technique: Dance and objects Language: Without words For audiences over: +4 Running time: 35 min.

Workshop: The company holds two workshops on 18 and 19 May at 5:30 p.m. (Sat, Sun). Capacity: 18 participants. Registrations at LU.CA.


Welcome to the Monsters' family!
Yes, the monsters exist... but these ones are not exactly as we imagine them, they are great fun. Besides, they dance! 

Attention, laughter and shouting are expected!


A fantastic journey through the world of monsters! Singular figures appear, disappear, play and interact with each other within a landscape of cardboard boxes that constitutes their imaginary home. As the boxes and characters come to life, this humorous dance performance takes a journey through metamorphosis and physical transformation as the monster figures become chaotically multiplied, rearranged, turned upside down and back to front. 


Actually, there are four dancers who squirm inside parkas, socks, bags, very large or very small jackets that create completely crazy but very friendly monsters. Without limbs, some without a head, they propose a new logic of movements, such as walking with hands or defying gravity with four-legged bodies, performing a strange ballet, to the rhythm of a minimalist soundtrack.


A show for all ages, full of humour and strange follies, which talks about the fascination of being different and celebrates diversity.


"Sadler has an interest in monstrous form and transformation and her work finds ways of creating imagined bodies and their means of moving. And boy has she achieved her aim in this brilliant piece of absurdist abandon! This is how children play (…) Don’t let any children in your life miss this astonishing 35 minutes of undiluted madness!"

- Irene Brown, ****


"Here is a well-designed show for (all) children (...). A charming introduction to the mysteries of the live performance..." - Céline Doukhan, Les Trois Coups


"First comes anticipation, then delight, followed by laughter and finally a big dollop of cuteness (...). A clever and imaginative new dance show for young children and their (equally entertained) adults (…). Gentle, funny and inventive (…), gives young audiences an introduction to movement they’ll probably never forget." - Kelly Apter, The List ****



Colette Sadler (Glasgow 1974) lives and works between Berlin and Glasgow. Initially trained in Classical Ballet followed by completing a BA (Hons) at the Laban centre, London. She worked Internationally as a dancer/performer for choreographers including Wayne MacGregor, Liz Aggiss, Vicente Saez and Gary Stevens. Since 2006 Sadler’s performance work has been shown in numerous contexts for dance/ performance and visual arts including at Performatik festival Kaai theatre Brussels, ImpulsTanz Vienna, Southbank Centre London, Centraal Museum Utrecht, Nottingham Contemporary (alongisde the British Art Show) Les Lattitudes Contemporains France and Dusseldorf Visual arts Quadriennale. She has given masterclasses within contexts including Cando Co London, HZT and Freie Universität Berlin. In 2016 she curated the multi-disciplinary arts symposium event “Fictional Matters” at the Centre of Contemporary Art Glasgow involving artists Adam Linder, Daria Martin and Miranda Pennell amongst others. One of her latest performances, “Learning for the future”, was shown at Birmingham International Dance Festival and Southbank Centre London in Autumn 2018. She recently premiered RITUALIA a commission work for Scottish Dance Theatre.




Choreography and concept: Colette Sadler Stage design, light and costumes: Philine Rinnert Music: Brendan Dougherty Performers: Keir Patrick, Leah Marojevic, Maxwell McCarthy, Naama Ityel Technician: James Hamilton Production: Stammer Productions Diffusion: Catherine Launay Photography: Kalle Kuikkaniemi Coproduction: TanzHaus NRW “New Steps” residency, Tanz Nacht Berlin 2012, The Work Room Glasgow, Creative Scotland Support: Tanz Nacht Berlin 2012, Tramway Family Day 2012, Bournemouth Pavilion, Creative Scotland