Marionetas Gigantes de Moçambique (Mozambique)




9 May at 7pm (Thu)

10, 11 and 12 May at 4pm and 6pm (Fri, Sat, Sun)


Special Opening FIMFA Lx19 

Technique: Giant puppets Language: Without words For audiences over: For all ages Running time: Approx. 30 min.


For the first time in Lisbon, the larger-than-life Giant Puppets of Mozambique make their debut in the Castle with a street show of giant puppets and percussion.


The group is composed by young Mozambican artists dedicated to the presentation of street shows and construction of giant heads, masks and puppets. Their mission is to occupy the public space in cultural celebrations that reflect on profound issues of Mozambican society.


The show O Bazar e as suas… reflects upon the everyday life, talking about love, the difficulties of the daily lives and the problems of today's society, such as corruption, the lack of assistance provided to disabled people, social inequalities and access to basic needs.



The group Marionetas Gigantes de Moçambique was created in the context of the project "National and International enhance of Mozambican and Guinea-Bissau Artistic Practices for Creation, Training and Exchange", sponsored by the European Union in the frame of Projects of cultural initiatives in support of the African Portuguese-speaking (PAIC-PALOP), developed by the Franco-Mozambican Cultural Center in Maputo, from 29 November to 23 December 2011.

Under the guidance of four members from the French company Les Grandes Personnes, around 40 Mozambican, Bissau-Guinean, South African and French artists worked together to create masks and giant puppets that gave rise to the street show featured in the neighborhood of the Central Bazaar and the Xipamanine Market in the city of Maputo.

In order to continue the project, the participants created this group, bringing together Mozambican artists who intend to follow the acquired training, as well as keeping alive the created characters, by applying new techniques in their artistic work, through training and public presentations.




Puppeteers: Dário Karino Cossa, Eneas da Conceição Lourenço, Fiel dos Santos Marques Rafael, Leonardo Silvestre Banze, Lina Jonas Cambaco, Jorge Jose Munguambe Musicians: Alfredo de Conceição Zango, Anibal Salomão Langassitela, Lucas Zeferino Macuacua, Sebastião Arnaldo Banze