Laitrum Teatre (Spain)



CASTELO DE S. JORGE - Jardim Romântico

9 May from 6pm to 9pm (Thu)


Special Opening FIMFA Lx19 

Technique: Object theatre Language: Portuguese For audiences over: +7 Running time: Several sessions, lasting 8 min.


Interactive object theatre: a show somewhat hard to explain, but really fun to perform!

Maybe you are interested on what you are going to find inside the boxes. Well, you are going to find works of Shakespeare condensed in... 8 minutes! The works represented are: Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest and A Midsummer Night's Dream.


The spectator behind the box-theatre is going to receive instructions through the earpieces and is going to move the objects following the instructions without knowing why he/she does what he/she is doing. The spectators who are in front of the box-theatre watching the show are enjoying a work of Shakespeare through the earpieces. The story becomes real thanks to the movements of the “actor”. 


Shakespeare as you had never seen it before... with sense of humour, love, scheme, death, revenge, popcorns, public converted on actors and a lot of ovations. 


Inspired on the previous show of the company, CapsesMicro-Shakespeare has been commissioned by the National Theatre of Great Britain from a pair of talented Catalans with long international careers: the playwright Toti Toronell and the stage and set designer Quim Domene. 



Laitrum Teatre was created in 2006 by Toti Toronell as a research tool for the scenic creation. In each of his productions he tries to create unusual or innovative plays to captivate the emotions and sensations of the audience. Laitrum works the different sensibilities with common goals, to work and research new ways of experiencing the performing arts.




Original idea: Laitrum Teatre, Angus Mackechnie Direction: Toti Toronell Voices: Toti Toronell, Caspar Actors: Jordi Borrás, Toti Toronell, Joan Bramon or Berta Pipó Set design: Quim Domene (La Fàbrica del Riu), Toti Toronell Musical selection: Albert Dondarza Executive production: Laitrum Teatre Coproduction: Royal National Theatre of London Support: Generalitat de Catalunya (Institut Catalá de les Empreses Culturals) With the collaboration of: Temporada Alta, El Canal (Centre d’Arts Escèniques Salt / Girona)