Henrique Delgado Award 2nd Edition

Henrique Delgado Award 2022


21 March 2022 - World Puppetry Day - São Luiz Teatro Municipal


The second edition of the Henrique Delgado Cultural Merit Award was given to the Bonecos de Santo Aleixo, represented by the actors and actresses who bring them to life, which form together the CENDREV “family” - Centro Dramático de Évora: Ana Meira, Isabel Bilou, Gil Salgueiro Nave, José Russo and Victor Zambujo. For their decisive work in the knowledge, preservation and national and international dissemination of this unique set of historical puppets, ensuring the continuity of this Alentejo artistic expression, which is part of the Portuguese cultural heritage.


The Bonecos de Santo Aleixo have very unique characteristics in the world panorama of traditional puppetry. They constitute a unique cultural treasure of Portuguese culture that is important to safeguard and keep alive.


This tribute is also closely linked to Henrique Delgado (1938-1971). He was also a tireless promoter of Bonecos de Santo Aleixo, at the time with the “original” family, with Manuel Jaleca and António Talhinhas, both nationally and internationally, through his articles published in several magazines and newspapers in the late 1960s and early 1970s, by Michel Giacometti (1929-1990).


The work developed by CENDREV and by all those who contributed to the current family of Bonecos is highlighted. It is these actors who have  ensuring the continuity of this artistic expression from Alentejo and unique in the world.


In homage, the documentary Os Bonecos de Santo Aleixo, directed by Tiago Inuit, was shown in world premiere. This is the fourth documentary produced by A Tarumba/FIMFA and is part of its project to archive, document and promote puppetry and animated forms.
The Henrique Delgado Cultural Merit Award atributed by A Tarumba - Teatro de Marionetas/FIMFA is biannual and intends to honour personalities or institutions that have developed a decisive work in recognition, preserving and promoting the puppetry arts.


Henrique Delgado Award: Design Flúor Studio
Photography: Alípio Padilha