Workshop Reality put to the test on stage - Les Frères Pablof

Projeto Funicular: Workshop 



Directed by: Les Frères Pablof - Raoul Pourcelle & Stéphane Rouxel (FR)

17 to 20 March 2022

Thursday to Sunday

São Luiz Teatro Municipal - Sala de Ensaios


⇨ Workshop The Bonecos de Santo Aleixo


An international training project on Puppetry by CAMa - Centro de Artes da Marioneta | A Tarumba

With the support of São Luiz Teatro Municipal


We regret to inform that for health reasons this workshop cannot take place on the scheduled dates, but we will make every effort to reschedule this course in the near future. 

A workshop that aims to explore different forms of documentary writing from puppetry and animated forms.


Raoul Pourcelle and Stéphane Rouxel are the Frères Pablof. They like to question reality in an unusual way and have developed an interesting work around the relationship between documentary and puppetry, by combining videos, images, objects, sounds, puppets or testimonies.


"We (Les Frères Pablof) are very short-sighted. Concerned with our perception of the world, we put it in our work. We make each one's stories dialogue, our little mythologies and we manipulate our perception of reality in real/false documentaries, of manufactured realities in directed fictions, so that our world can be glimpsed, imagined or remembered.
We practice a wild and crazy anthropology, less concerned with knowledge and more curious about what people want to tell us about themselves. Then we organize the conversation of these words, with images, with sounds, with other words, with omissions and collisions, where we hope everyone can slip into."


For: Puppeteers, actors, directors, choreographers, visual artists, performing and visual arts students

Number of participants: 10

Workshop schedule: Thursday to Sunday from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm
Working language: Portuguese and French

Fee: 70€

Deadline for applications: 13 March 2022
Atendance confirmation: 14 March 2022


Please note that if you apply for the two workshops ("The Bonecos de Santo Aleixo" and "Reality put to the test on stage"),

and are selected for both, you will receive a 20€ discount on this workshop.



The registration in the workshop (subject to selection) is made by the duly filled application form and by enclosing a short bio and a motivation letter. You can send all the documentation by e-mail to: or



A documentary approach in our theatre, what does it mean? 
It is a way of crossing realities, lived or performed, of putting into dialogue on stage, real testimonies (audio or video) with the fictional tools of puppetry and object theatre. Looking for a point of view, with myopic or presbyopic glasses, 3D glasses, or panoramic glasses and looking at the feet: it is already a documentary approach, it is submitting “reality” to “subjectivity”.
After ten years, in search of ourselves, we question the identities of each other. We invite ourselves, you and others, to think about who we are.
In our documentary approach, we capture the trivial, the normal, while tracking the uniqueness. We don't have the opportunity to tell ourselves so often, everything that goes on in each of us in silence. We want to make each one's stories dialogue. From this experience, the quality of the exchange and the shared emotion, we create a puppet theatre.
Puppetry, object or animated forms theatre lends itself particularly well to these trajectories, from one story to another, from one form to another. It allows both a wide angle, a medium shot, and sometimes even a close-up, and all this successively or simultaneously. It is this way of telling, of researching different stories, different records, which compares what we have invented and what people have told us. We put in place of illusion, objects, sounds, testimonies that seem more real to us, because they are more familiar to us, because they belong to our daily reality, outside the theatre. We make “reality effects”. It is in fact in the distance between these two perceptions that we look for a certain form of poetry. We put in place of illusion, objects, sounds, testimonies that seem more real to us, because they are more familiar to us, because they belong to our daily reality, outside the theatre. We make “reality effects”. It is in fact in the distance between these two perceptions that we look for a certain form of poetry.

Workshop objectives
Putting different materials into dialogue on stage:
• Testimonies, stories, video interviews, audio.
• Puppets, objects, miscellaneous materials.
• Actor, manipulator.
To be on stage without embodying a character.
To recognize the specifics of each of these materials, as well as their limitations.
To study their complementarities and resonances.


Workshop programme
1 - Fiction and autofiction - To create stories with materials taken from "reality" (objects-photographs-videos-sounds).
2 - To use recorded or live testimonies.
3 - To put into play the relationships/links between the object, the manipulator and the stories.
4 - To multiply the points of view and focuses in the same story.
5 - To use audio testimonies.
6 - To use video testimonies.
7 - Creation of a solo or duo short form.


The company Les Frères Pablof is composed by Stéphane Rouxel, puppeteer, actor and musician, and Raoul Pourcelle, puppeteer, actor and visual artist.
Descendants of a Russian family of exiled and penniless aristocrats, Raoul and Stéphane, born in the 60s and 70s, and in search of themselves, invented a family and question everyone about their identity.
In the late 1990s, they created spaces of public intimacy, where everyone could talk about their birth. Since then, they never stopped questioning their contemporaries to recognize themselves in their own stories. They created the shows Extraits de naissance (which we could see at FIMFA Lx7), Si j’étais une fille, La cour des Grands, Un nuage sans pantalon, eXtime, Ma place à Table, Qu’on vive! e Le grand saut.
They also worked alongside Serge Boulier at the Bouffou Théâtre, as actors, puppeteers, but also as direction assistants and co-authors, for fifteen years. They also collaborated on other artistic projects, with Achille Grimaud or Renaud Herbin, among others.


The participants should bring:
-Seven objects;
-Five family photographs (one must be from the front door of the house or apartment);
-Five documents (videos, interviews, letters, oficial documents);
-Movement-clothes for warm-up exercises.



⇨ COVID Safety Measures

Participants of all live workshops will need to have:

Digital certificate proving that the person has been fully vaccinated for at least 14 days / or certificate with a negative result within the last 24 hours (antigen test - TRAg) or 72 hours (TAAN test) / or certificate to prove that you have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 6 months.

Self-tests are not valid.

The use of mask inside the venue is mandatory.

Subject to change according to pandemic control measures.