L’Insolite Mécanique (France)



SÃO LUIZ TEATRO MUNICIPAL - Sala Luis Miguel Cintra (Palco)

11 May at 7pm, 9pm and 10.30pm (Fri)
12 and 13 May at 3pm, 5pm and 7pm (Sat, Sun)


Portuguese Premiere


Technique: Mechanical objects Language: English For audiences over: +7 Running time: 40 min. 


A performance/installation with fantastic poetic and fragile machines which work thanks to cranks, pedals and steam, which move on their own, turn and roll around, drag along and limp and try to fly away…


Magali Rousseau fills the stage with poetic mechanisms she has created for ten years. A long and instinctive journey to finally understand that all these steely creatures are part of a story. Her history. We are in the theatre of illusions. We will travel into a mysterious world of shadow and light, where mechanical installations come alive, illuminating Magali Rousseau’s childhood dream of achieving flight. 


An enigmatic yet charismatic artist tells her story, of a little girl wishing to escape by becoming a master of the air. As she leads us all to different parts of the atmospherically lit stage, her simple words become a symbolic force for this promenade performance in which exquisite metal creatures emerge from the dark. Some small, some very large, each one is an actor, a work of art in its own right…

It is as if Magali invites us to her atelier, where the mechanisms are exposed, and the emotion of creation is still palpable and strong. The musician Stéphane Diskus, whose live clarinet playing heightens the special ambience, where a personal memory is revealed: how trying to fly became an act of resistance. 


"Je brasse de l’air is an unusual and sensitive artistic object, the meeting between an intimate and delicate narrative with mechanical treasures, works of art from her workshop. Ambulation and exhibition, performance and object theatre, is a delicate and emotional performance (...). Slowly, the short story that establishes the connection between the mechanisms caught the public in its invisible web (...)."
-Mathieu Dochtermann, Toute la culture


"An unusual performance, a visual, symbolic and moving poem (...)."
-Thierry Voisin, Télérama Sortir


"A work on air and balance in random and delicate mechanisms (...). This incredible fusion is a must see and hard to describe!"
-Edith Rappoport, Chroniques du journaldebordduneaccro

TRAILER in the gallery


Magali Rousseau did her training in the “objects” department at the ESAD in Strasbourg: she builds all sorts of scenic mechanisms and stage props. The company L'Insolite Mécanique was founded in 2015 "under the wings" of the company Les Anges au Plafond. She participated in all the creations of this company during seven years. Magali also worked with La Machine in Nantes, Antigua i Barbuda in Barcelona and Mal Pelo in Girona.



Concept, text, construction and performer: Magali Rousseau Direction: Camille Trouvé Sound and lighting design: Julien Joubert Clarinet: Stéphane Diskus Movement: Marzia Gambardella Outside eye: Yvan Corbineau Stage technician: Mathilde Salaün Diffusion: Christelle Lechat Photography: Julien Joubert, Laurent Gayte Supports: Le Grand Parquet, Le Vélo Théâtre, Anis Gras – Le Lieu de l’Autre, La Mécanique des Anges, Le Jardin d’Alice, Cie Les Anges au Plafond