FIMFA Lx19: 9 to 26 May

Festival Presentation

São Luiz Teatro Municipal

On World Puppetry Day we presented the programme of the 19th edition!


We thank all who attended, for their support, to our host, São Luiz Teatro Municipal, and to all our partners and co-producers of FIMFA!


The FIMFA Lx19 will run from 9 to 26 May, the venues of presentation are: Castelo de São Jorge, São Luiz Teatro Municipal, Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, LU.CA - Teatro Luís de Camões, Museu de Lisboa - Palácio Pimenta, Teatro da Trindade, Teatro do Bairro, Teatro Taborda, Museu Nacional do Teatro e da Dança and Cinemateca Portuguesa.


Soon the programme will be available in our page!