by Jacques Offenbach


Musical direction and orchestra conductor: Cesário Costa 
Direction: António Pires




22 to 25 de May at 9pm (Wed to Sat) 
26 May at 5.30pm (Sun)


World Premiere

Free entrace (subject to availability) - Tickets available each day, from 1pm, limited to two tickets per person

All sessions interpreted in Portuguese Sign Language (LGP) and Audio Description (AD)

Technique: Opera For audiences over: +12 Running time: Approx. 95 min.


It was with The Drum-Major's Daughter, operetta by Jacques Offenbach presented by the Company Gargano, from Italy, that the Theatre D. Amelia was inaugurated on 22nd May, 1894. One hundred and twenty-five years later, São Luiz relives that performance which would be the first of many premiered in this venue. It does so as a way of recovering its operatic tradition, celebrating its birth and history, and of looking ahead at the future. For that purpose, wewr invited the musical director and orchestra conductor Cesário Costa, the director António Pires, and a national challenge was launched to the artistic schools, believing that the youth represent the future of the arts.


On stage, there will be students from higher education schools across Portugal who were involved in this project: Universidade de Aveiro; Universidade de Évora; ESART – Escola Superior de Artes Aplicadas de Castelo Branco; ESMAE – Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espetáculo, do Porto; Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa; Escola Superior de Dança de Lisboa; and Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema de Lisboa. The participants were selected through auditions, to integrate this new version sung in the French original and with text in Portuguese. António Pires and Cesário Costa are joined by Paulo Vassalo Lourenço, as choral conductor, Dino Alves, for the costumes, Aldara Bizarro in the movement, A Tarumba - Teatro de Marionetas in the set design. In all, there are about 150 artists involved in the performance. With The Daughter of the Drum-Mor, São Luiz returns to assume the production of a show, which has not happened for a long time. In these 125 years, São Luiz has free entrance five recitals, always with interpretation in Portuguese Sign Language and Audio Description.



Musical direction and orchestra conductor: Cesário Costa Direction: António Pires Choral conductor: Paulo Vassalo Lourenço Set design: A Tarumba – Teatro de Marionetas/ Luís Vieira e Rute Ribeiro (artistic direction), Diana Costa, Jimmy Grimes, João Rapaz, Luís Vieira, Paulo Duarte, Rodrigo Pereira, Rute Ribeiro, Vítor Estudante (puppets and objects), Janaína Drummond (assistance)  Movement: Aldara Bizarro Costumes: Dino Alves Vocal direction: João Henriques Choral conductor assistant: Fátima Nunes Direction assistance: Manuela Sampaio, Martim Guimarães Soloists: Ana Filipa Leitão – Stella, Mariana Pereira de Sousa – Duchese, Carla Martins - Claudine/Lorenza, Beatriz Maia – Claudine/Lorenza, José Corvelo – Monthabor, Tambour-Major, Miguel Reis – Duc della Volta, Alberto Sousa - Griolet (Universidade de Aveiro; Universidade de Évora;  ESART Castelo Branco), João Merino – Robert, Almeno Gonçalves - Marquis Bambini Actors: Isaías Viveiros, Laura Antunes (Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema de Lisboa) Dancers: Catarina Rosa Moita, Cristiana Pardal, Inês Aguiar, Inês Coelho Duarte, Inês Coimbra, Joana Franco, Lara Maia, Mafalda Tereno, Raquel Silveira, Rita Carmo, Sofia Portugal (Escola Superior de Dança de Lisboa) Choir: Coro Participativo do Festival de Verão Orchestra: Orquestra Clássica Metropolitana Photography: Estelle Valente / Teatro São Luiz A production by: São Luiz Teatro Municipal, in coproduction with Universidade de Aveiro, Universidade de Évora, ESART de Castelo Branco, Escola Superior de Dança de Lisboa e Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema de Lisboa