Close-Act Theatre (Netherlands)




18 May at 6pm and 8pm (Sat)
19 May at 5pm and 7pm (Sun)


Technique: Giant Puppets Language: Without words For audiences over: For all ages Running time: Approx. 30 min.


Saurus, giant beasts from prehistoric times take over the Castle!
Come closer and watch these incredible beasts!

They are presumed to be extinct, nonetheless the biggest beasts that ever walked the Earth return to the twenty-first century. With a deafening roar the 5 meter tall and 7 meter long Saurus charge through the crowds, looking for food to calm their hunger. People jump swiftly out of their way having never seen such giant beasts before.
There is a widespread sigh of relief as the Saurus start eating plants. Ah, vegetarians!


Now people risk moving closer to view these prehistoric beasts better; the Saurus are playful and spontaneous, snapping at hands and sweeping their tails. After a while they move on, lined up neatly, their heads bobbing in an easy rhythmic manner, behind them a stunned audience stands and watches in amazement as the beasts slowly disappear.



Close-Act is renowned for interactive street theatre. Their unique form of large scale and mobile street theatre is performed among and above the public. "Let us move, draw and carry you into the world we create". 
The Close-Act performances are built through universal imagery and visual language. The costumes and objects speak for themselves and the shows use universal themes and opposites. Because of the evocative visuals, the shows can be understood all over the world. Close-Act Theatre Company was founded in 1991. The artistic directors of Close-Act are Hesther Melief and Tonny Aerts. Originates from a collaboration between designers, actors, dancers, choreographers and musicians. Although new acts are being developed from different artistic disciplines, the style of the visual creations is still one of the unique trademarks of Close-Act. 





Artistic direction: Hesther Melief, Tonny Aerts Manipulators: Kenneth Gerard, Romy van der Linde, Stephan Bikker Photography: Bert Holtmann, Jan Terpstra