Collectif La Méandre (France)





17 May at 10am, 10.30am, 14.30pm, 15pm, 15.30pm (Fri)

23 May at 10am, 10.30am, 14.30pm, 15pm, 15.30pm (Thu)
24 May at 10am, 10.30am, 15.30pm, 16pm, 16.30pm (Fri)

Sessions for Schools

18 May at 14.30pm, 15pm, 15.30pm, 16pm, 17.30pm, 18pm, 18.30pm (Sat)
19 May at 11am, 12.30pm, 15pm, 15.30pm, 16pm, 17.30pm, 18pm (Sun)
25 and 26 May at 11am, 12.30pm, 15pm, 15.30pm, 16pm, 17.30pm, 18pm (Sat, Sun)

Sessions for Families


Portuguese Premiere


Technique: Live animation, video mapping and objects Language: Without words For audiences over: +3 Running time: 20 min. 

Limited capacity - 14 people - The performance takes place inside a caravan outside LU.CA

Presentation support: Institut Français du Portugal


Come aboard this touring caravan that invites you to dream with your eyes open!


Avion Papier (Paper Plane) is a caravan show at the crossroads of digital arts, music and object theatre. You are welcome in a cosy little world of animated pictures and the music is created live just for you.


In his kingdom as big as a pocket-handkerchief, a little prince with a cardboard crown (Arthur Delaval) dreams, invents and fills all the space available with his visual and sound inventions, live music played with toys and "electronic instruments improperly adapted". The characters leave the screen and escape the city to stroll in imaginary landscapes. A flight history made from the trajectory of a paper plane.


A special encounter for spectators of all ages, at the heart of an immersive device where real and unreal objects interact with each other. The line between what you imagine and what you experience is fascinating...



Arthur Delaval is the musician-actor who will guide the spectator on this dream trip. Graduated in fine arts and music, member of the collective Alteréaliste, he is the creator of the music groups Oui oui oui, Timtamar, Nigdina, Bullstoop, Black Balls and Bulles, as well as the Festival Festiculles. In a context of cross-disciplinary encounters, Arthur develops a series of projects, whether as an actor, musician or a balance between the two. He is one of the founders of La Méandre, a group of artists that rejects the straight lines, in a context of meetings and cross fertilization of disciplines. A collective that feeds on art, love and water, because it has its headquarters in a port. He has participated in several plays with different companies, as well as in short films.




Drawings, editor, music, machinery, performer: Arthur Delaval Short film dramaturgy: Guilhem Bréard Machinery, construction: Mathieu Fernandez, Jordan Bonnot Video mapping: Guillaume Bertrand Direction: Laura Dahan Director assistant: Manuel Marcos Outside eye and production: Mélissa Azé Support: DRAC Bourgogne Franche-Comté (Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles), Conseil Régional Bourgogne Franche-Comté, Conseil Départemental de Saône-et-Loire, Espace Périphérique (Mairie de Paris – Parc de la Villette), Le Cabagnol - Cie Rue de la Casse Artistic residency: Espace Périphérique, Animakt, Port Nord / Collectif La Méandre Photography: Pierre Acobas