Teatret Gruppe 38 (Denmark)




10 and 11 May at 8pm (Fri, Sat)

12 May at 6pm (Sun)


Portuguese Premiere


Technique: Object theatre Language: English For audiences over: +7 Running time: 50 min.


Hans Christian Andersen served on a silver platter…
A performance-installation that takes us on a fantastic journey through the universe of Hans Christian Andersen, with a theatrical dinner in his honour, full of objects that seem to move by magic.
For kids and adults, absolutely a must see!


Two charismatic waiters take us to the front row of a mysterious banquet, around an elegantly decorated long table. It's Hans Christian Andersen's birthday and the twenty 'guests', who are actually Andersen's characters, remain invisible, but their presence is gradually felt.


On the white tablecloth, translucent jars, silver cutlery and plates come to life, with the help of the singular waiters. There are sparkling lights, ephemeral images, stories are revealed through objects that evoke the destinies of The Steadfast Tin Soldier, The Little Mermaid, The Nightingale, The Princess and the pea, among others. The audience, around this sumptuous feast, is encouraged to move around and stay active throughout the space, discovering new images and sensations.


It is necessary for a human being to be seen as well as seen through and being loved in spite of everything. Hans Christian Andersen saw that. The show was awarded the Reumert of the Year 2006.


"Gruppe 38 triumphs with this ingenious theatre installation." - Politiken *****


"This is finesse." - Jyllands-Posten *****


"How wonderful!." - Dagbladet Information


"Taking twenty Hans Christian Andersen tales and stirring them up into a promenade theatrical experience for anyone, Teatret Gruppe 38 have created an enchanting experience (...). Make sure you rub the Snowman’s freezing cold plate – he loves human touch!" - Terry O'Donovan, Total Theatre


"It is a fascinating show (...). A wonderful moment of sharing and poetry." - Mathieu Dochtermann, ToutelaCulture



Teatret Gruppe 38 is a professional, prizewinning theatre which has existed since 1972. The theatre is located in the city of Aarhus, Denmark, and led by the artistic leader, writer and actress Bodil Alling. They create reflective, whimsical and philosophic theatre, presented in an intimate format.
On top of playing at their own stage, the theatre has an extensive tour-programme, both in Denmark and abroad. Amongst other countries, we have lately been visiting Australia, Croatia, Norway, Canada, USA, Germany, Estonia, Scotland and Japan.
The starting point for Teatret Gruppe 38's performances is that they can be viewed with great benefits for both children and adults.
Teatret Gruppe 38 organizes and co-organizes the festivals :DANISH+ Danish Performing Arts for Children and Young People, STAND ALONE – Solo Performance Festival and ILT – International Living Theatre.
Their work has been recognized and received numerous prizes through the years, such as The Assitej International’s Honorary President’s Award for Artistic Excellence 2011, among others. In 2017, the theatre director Bodil Alling won the Visionary Prize given by the Danish Lauritzen Foundation.




Created by: Paola Cardona, Phillipe LeFebvre, Catherine Poher, Claus Helbo, Søren Søndberg, Bodil Alling, Joakim Eggert, Sille Heltoft, Kim Kirkeby, Arne Fich, Jacob Kirkegaard Performers: Bodil Alling, Peter Seligmann Set design: Paolo Cardona, Phillipe Lefebvre, Catherine Poher Outside eye: Med Venlig Hilsen Musical score and interpretation: Søren Søndberg Technicians: Søren Søndberg, Søren la Cour, Lars K. Olesen Photography: Morten Fauerby